History of SearchLove

SearchLove was born out of a friendship between Will and Duncan of Distilled, and Rand (of the then) SEOmoz. 

Having spent the last couple of years seeing each other on the industry conference circuit and joking about who had the best presentations, an idea was formed to bring the SEOmoz pro training series to the UK. The SEO industry in the UK during 2009 was just starting to have its moment. Will and Duncan (who had their own growing SEO agency at the time) saw a great opportunity in Rand bringing the event to London. SEOmoz sold the tickets, and Distilled organized the event. It just so happened that at that same time Will and Duncan employed a University graduate as their Executive Assistant (Lynsey), who had a keen interest in event planning, and as they say, the rest is history. 

Over the next couple of years, ‘Pro SEO training seminar’ ran successfully, and a rebrand and expansion took place and SearchLove was born. 

SearchLove would go on to have a hugely successful 9 years of conferences in London and the East and West Coast of North America. Attendees came from all over the globe to learn from the very best in the SEO and digital marketing industry. The SearchLove team took great pride in the event, seeking out the best speakers, and ensuring the highest quality presentations graced the stage. A great deal of time and energy was spent fine-tuning the details of all aspects of the event; from the content, to the networking, the branding to the lunch choices, and it was hugely appreciated by attendees. 

SearchLove was helpful in launching and elevating many careers within the SEO industry and is often referred to as a pivotal moment for individuals who took to the stage, or soaked in the learning and were able to go on to have great success, and continue to do so in their careers and with their businesses. Many friendships were formed during the VIP dinners, the topic table lunches, and the evening networking parties.

In 2024 SearchLove was acquired by Rough Agenda the company behind the brightonSEO conference series from Brainlabs.